Aerial Filming and Data Management Specialists

Antis is a collection of UK Based Camera Operators and Assistants holding CAA PfCO Licenses for piloting drones.

With experience in commerical, entertainment, documentary and scripted productions. Being multi-skilled, you can employ the same team to go from flying drones to operating a high-end gimbal setup or handheld camerawork - and then ensure all the data is backed up securely and efficiently.

Having all trained at SHIFT 4 LTD in North London, all members of Antis have an extensive knowledge of various camera setups and workflows from Arri, Sony, RED and have experience in handheld camera operation, gimbal operation, focus pulling and data management.

The idea behind ANTIS is to connect production companies with competant crew at competitive rates with skills to ensure you're getting high-quality results.

Most notably, recent credits include BBC2's RACE ACROSS THE WORLD that has been lauded for the quality of the drone footage.

Rates are bespoke and tailored to individual production needs, so while we cannot supply quotes on our site, drop us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!